Marketing Product Specialist

Posted: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 - San Francisco, California
As Compose's Product Marketing Specialist, you will be developing marketing content, product positioning, and programs to drive awareness of Compose products with the goal to grow customer engagement and revenue.

Compose has grown by leaps and bounds through a 100% online sales model, and we're looking for someone to help us ramp up our trajectory. You will be playing a vital role by helping Compose continue to grow with a focus on expanding into new audiences to generate new trial signups, convert evaluators into customers, and introduce customers to new features and databases.

The "product" at Compose is our database platform, which currently supports 7 databases (more coming) and is the foundation for Compose Enterprise, our BYOS (bring your own server) version of Compose. As product marketing specialist, you will take ownership of marketing and platform positioning, segment the message by database or customer type, and develop content for the website, landing pages, emails and other communications channels. No one at Compose works in a vacuum, and this role is no exception: you will be working with our engineers, writers, support team, customer advocates and marketers to develop campaigns for each database and our add-ons.

You should have a basic understanding of how databases are used in modern web app development. You must have strong writing chops, be able to communicate database concepts to novice and experienced developers, and report on the effectiveness of the programs you’re running. A background in computer science, data science, business analysis, software development and/or database administration is going to be a big help.

All the bits we hope you're good at (or can become good at):

  • Positioning: Developing messages for various audiences for both Compose and the products we support
  • Writing and communications: We are not looking for the next Shakespeare, but you should be a strong enough writer to passionately regale both technical and non-technical audiences within many different channels such as email, social media, and blogs
  • SEO and A/B testing: Have strong understanding of how to SEO-ize a page and theorize iterative improvements through A/B testing
  • Landing page development: Create hypotheses and test them on new landing pages which are at the top of our funnel
  • Fearless about technology: You can grasp technical concepts quickly and become conversant on the topic of databases and application development
  • Sales tools: We don’t have many today, but experience developing videos, whitepapers, and other assets is a good thing

Think you're a match?

Compose is small enough that you wil be able to make a significant impact on the company’s trajectory, yet big enough that there is plenty of support and boundless opportunity for growth. Work from anywhere, enjoy challenging and rewarding responsibilities, and have a meaningful work/life balance at a company that is growing fast. Our team is smart, friendly, fun, and incredibly helpful, and you will have a ton of resources to help you get started and be successful.


Blind Hiring, The Compose Way

The overall interview process is reasonably simple: sample exercises are the first major step. If you do well, then we have you work a day with us (which we'll pay you for). Afterwards, the possibility of an offer. The whole process is usually done within a few weeks.

We understand that this is a big commitment for talented people. We think it's worth it, though, and we've done a lot of work to ensure our hiring process is as transparent, objective and respectful as possible - completing this work is the first step towards an enduring and productive work environment.

If you'd like to learn more about how we've built our hiring process, read more here: