Digital Editor

Posted: Friday, 28 May 2021 - Austin, TX
Student Loan Hero combines financial education with easy-to-use tools to help the millions of Americans living with student loan debt to manage their student loans smarter.

Since 2012, Student Loan Hero has helped more than 60,000 borrowers to manage and eliminate over $1 billion in student loan debt. Each year, it helps more than one million people become financially healthy.

For both current and former students who want to manage their loans in line within their own budget, Student Loan Hero offers free loan calculators, unbiased personalized advice, and repayment plans, all with a user-friendly interface and dashboard.

What does the Digital Editor do?

The mission of the Digital Editor is to take others’ writing and make it awesome. We maintain a team of writers and content producers across a variety of platforms—blogs, email marketing, and ebooks, to name a few. We need your help to make their writing shine.

The role of the Digital Editor is crucial to Student Loan Hero’s mission to provide the best educational resources possible for student loan borrowers. Providing value by way of engaging financial content is an essential part of this mission.

We help our readers and users to answer important questions about their student loans and their finances in general. This process includes making concepts from the often-confusing world of student loans and personal finance easy to understand so that our readers can take action.

The Digital Editor should also be comfortable writing content, especially related to student loans and topics of personal finance. This aspect of the position includes regularly contributing to the Student Loan Hero blog, writing guest blog posts for other websites, and helping to produce other marketing-related content, such as guides and ebooks.

In addition to hundreds of posts published on the Student Loan Hero blog, we’ve contributed to and been featured in The New York TimesBusiness InsiderThe Huffington PostForbes, and Entrepreneur, to name just a few publications.

The ideal candidate for this position should have an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to take on and initiate new projects as he or she sees the need arise.

What’s it like to work on the Student Loan Hero team?

Student Loan Hero is a fully remote team. We have team members all over the world, in cities including NYC, Austin, Portland, and Santiago.

Since we’re literally all over the map, communication using Slack, Gmail, Basecamp, Google Hangouts, and other tools is key for us. Don't worry—you won't be alone. We communicate regularly throughout the day.

In our small group, each team member uses highly specialized skills while working on a variety of projects. We enjoy giving our team members autonomy to do the work that interests them. We’re focused on the output of each team member, not putting in long hours.

We’re always open to new ways to create better content and make Student Loan Hero better for student loan borrowers, and we want to hear new ideas from you. A large part of our culture and values is transparency. We believe that team members should collaborate and communicate, not compete or engage in office politics.

At the same time, we like to make work as much fun as possible. We want everyone on our team to grow both personally and professionally, which is why we offer gym and educational reimbursement, as well as several other great perks.

Above all, we’re each proud to work on solving meaningful problems and to impact lives every day. Whether it’s authoring a blog post read by thousands of borrowers or answering a one-on-one customer support question, we value that working for Student Loan Hero makes a positive impact.


  • Strong editing skills and experience with editing and/or writing for online publications
  • Strong writing ability, especially in blog form
  • Sharp eye for detail when proofreading and copyediting
  • Understanding of blogpost publishing format, best practices, etc.
  • Basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Ability to discern which topics and content work and which do not
  • Ability to recruit and onboard high quality writers, as well as provide ongoing training


  • Experience with editing and writing about student loans, personal finance, and related topics
  • Familiarity with WordPress
  • Understanding of how to write and optimize headlines for SEO and click-through
  • Understanding of user personas and target audiences and how to write for those groups (i.e., knowledge of how to produce content that student loan borrowers actually want to read)
  • Experience using analytics to track content performance and inform future decision


  • Competitive salary: $50k–$70k, based on experience and location
  • Equity: 0.05–0.15% in vested company ownership
  • Paid time off: Unlimited
  • Flexible hours: Work when you’re most productive
  • Work remotely: Work from wherever you want in the world (Costa Rica, anyone?)
  • New equipment: We’ll hook you up with a $2,000 technology stipend
  • Remote workspace reimbursement: Up to $500/month reimbursement for remote office space (e.g., co-working space)
  • Wellness reimbursement: Up to $450/month reimbursement for wellness-related expenses, including health insurance and gym membership
  • Continuing education reimbursement: Up to $100/month for courses, books, or anything you’d like to learn!
  • Financial contribution: Receive a 100% match of up to 3% of annual salary to a SIMPLE IRA, or a 100% match of up to 3% of annual salary towards student loan repayment assistance ﹘ you pick.
  • Bonuses: Earn an annual bonus based on company performance.