Web Designer - Help Our Users Create the Best WordPress Websites Ever

Posted: Tuesday, 04 May 2021 - inside a series of tubes
["Full Stack" Web Designer (UX, Visuals, Code) - Part Time, Contract, Choose Your Own Hours, Approx 20 hrs/week]

I’m Louis, the “CEO” of Soflyy. We’re close to releasing some new software for what-you-see-is-what-you-get design inside WordPress, and we’re looking for a rockstar designer who can create visually stunning designs for our users.

Our software will allow users to create their own designs with pre-built components - headers, footers, feature blocks, icon boxes, multi-line buttons, lead capture forms, etc.

In addition, our software will include complete website templates for various niches like ecommerce, real estate, etc.

We’re looking for someone who can design these components and website templates, and then “code” them using our software.


UI & UX:

Let’s say we tell you to make a set of page designs for an ecommerce site - the homepage, product page, cart page, checkout page, etc.

You need to know what makes an ecommerce site awesome. You need to know how to design product pages, checkout pages, etc. to maximize conversions.

Or let’s say we tell you to build a set of page designs for real estate agents. You’ll need to do the research to determine exactly what is needed (and what is not needed) for an awesome website for a local real estate agent.

It’s really important that our designs are the best, because they’re going to be very widely used. A 1% or 2% increase in leads, purchases, etc. spread out over 10,000+ websites is very significant. Ultimately, it’s your design work that’s going to be responsible for that.


We care more about how well it works than about how it looks. But if you can’t make it look great, we don’t care how well it works.

Once you’ve determined what is needed in terms of pages and components and how they should work, it’s time for you to create them.

Everything needs to look amazing. A lot of our customers don’t know about good UX - they just use whatever looks pretty. So for us to be able to improve the UX for our customers’ customers (i.e. the visitors to their websites), we have to convince potential customers to use our software by including designs that look exceptionally good.


You’re going to create the actual designs using our software. You “code” them in a visual way - by dragging & dropping fundamental HTML elements like <div>, <span>, <img>, <p>, section, columns, etc. onto the page, and then setting their attributes and CSS properties using a visual interface.

You need to be able to use the least amount of HTML, CSS, and JS to get something rendered. You have to find the simplest way to turn a visual design into code.


This is a part time, contract position, paid hourly. We don’t care about your time zone or what hours you work, as long as you can work for us approximately 20 hours/week most weeks. We’ll pay you a bit more than whatever hourly rate you’re getting from your other projects.


Working for us is awesome. We’re 100% remote. Set your own hours, get work done, and at the end of the day you can be proud that you’ve worked on some seriously cool stuff. We’ve been profitable for almost as long as we’ve been in business, and our other product WP All Import (team of 7 on that) is very popular and loved: https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/wp-all-import


Please provide links to your most beautiful website designs.

Briefly describe your experience with coding for WordPress. Have you designed and/or coded any publicly available WordPress themes? Please provide links.

We need to verify you’re great with HTML5 and CSS3 and can get something rendered properly using the least amount of markup possible, as well as that you know enough JS to get things done like hamburger menus on mobile, etc. Provide whatever you think is appropriate to convey this: maybe a link to a website you designed and coded where I can right click -> view source… and the code hasn’t been mangled by the CMS, maybe code samples, links to CodePen, JSFiddle, etc.

Bonus Questions (optional):

Show us some websites that have designs you really like, and tell us why you like them.

Show us something you’ve done with CSS3 animations

Can you show us something that is traditionally done with JS but that you’ve accomplished with just HTML and CSS?

Is there any other cool stuff you’ve created that you want to show us?

Have you built landing pages for ad campaigns?

Have you been involved in any projects where your designs were AB tested?

If someone asked you to design a checkout page for an eCommerce site, what would you do to ensure that your design maximized conversions?

iOS or Android?

What are your favorite websites/publications that relate to your work?