UX Strategist

Posted: Wednesday, 14 April 2021 - Washington, DC
Marketade, an 8-person distributed digital agency based in DC, is looking for a user experience strategist, researcher and designer to join our team.

Marketade is at a pivotal moment in our history. We are looking to double in size over the next 2 years, bringing on new clients and expanding our capacity to take on larger, more robust UX projects. We need an experienced UX researcher and designer to help tackle these new challenges by creating and executing UX-focused strategic plans for clients based on their unique business needs.

For at least the first 6 months of this project, you will be dedicated primarily to a single, enterprise client based in the DC metro area. In addition to UX research and design, you’ll serve as an embedded product strategist on their team (~20 hours/week). While this work can be done remotely, an ability to visit their office once a week is a plus.

After the first 6 months, you’ll likely start to work with a wider variety of clients. It is essential that you’re enthusiastic both to dive deeply into one client, and to have a larger portfolio of clients over time.

We're particularly interested in UX unicorns who can 1) do both research and design, 2) bring Lean UX methods and strategic thinking to enterprise projects, and 3) establish and grow relationships with clients.


  • Full-time hours.
  • Preference is given to candidates in DC/MD/VA due to the proximity of the primary client associated with this role. That said, our workflow is almost entirely remote, and we’re open to candidates from anywhere in North America.
  • Our culture emphasizes collaboration and learning. Through Slack, Skype, Basecamp and Google Docs you’ll be communicating with teammates and clients throughout the day (with plenty of opportunities for independent work). And you’ll participate in our weekly coaching call with UX expert Jared Spool.
  • You should generally be available during our core working hours of 10am to 4:30pm ET.
  • Hourly rate pay structure.


  • Engaging directly with stakeholders, including upper management, and making engaging and convincing presentations that appeal to their interests.
  • Identifying a strategic direction for a project or organization, identifying the immediate and long-term actions necessary to achieve the strategy, and facilitating a team to execute the plan.
  • Teaching others to become proficient in a complex skill.
  • Working both with a small team and independently.


  • You worked with our largest client to design and implement a long-term UX strategy that supports their business goals. You devised new and innovative large-scale projects in line with this strategy, and got the client excited to participate. You built strong one-on-one relationships with multiple client stakeholders, to the point where you can call them up to ask a question or request a favor without hesitation, and they’re always happy to hear from you.
  • You initiated a program of bi-weekly live user research that supports all 12 IT product teams at a Fortune 500 company. You helped build a 300-person research panel and an end-to-end study process. Your innovative marketing of the program led to a 2-month waitlist for new studies — plus overflow observation rooms with lots of first-timers. You ensured the program’s longevity by training in-house designers on recruiting, moderating and other parts of your process. The company is now building out a full-time research lab.
  • You crafted and implemented a set of product strategies for a Fortune 500 company’s mobile app. You partnered with data geeks, designers and analysts to deeply understand why customers were abandoning a core transaction. You then guided the team to a solution that decreased support calls by 30% within 3 months.
  • As UX owner for our new, B2B e-commerce client, you collaborated with stakeholders to develop short- and long-term strategic goals. You worked with other Marketade consultants and our PM to ensure that our efforts were coordinated and aligned with client goals. You led 2 usability testing initiatives, and helped the client reach a deeper understanding of their users. Your recommended changes to the client’s lead generation flow led to a 20% increase in form completions.
  • You expanded the Marketade UX team by 1 junior UX specialist and 1 intern. You worked with the UX team lead to develop and spearhead a Marketade UX Apprenticeship program, which onboards a new UX intern every 6 months, allowing UX specialists to focus on higher-end projects and practice mentorship.