Marketing Stuff Designer

Posted: Tuesday, 20 April 2021 - The Internet
Contract, part-time work from home position, 20 hrs/week

We're calling this "Marketing Stuff Designer" because out of all the fancy terms for designers, this seemed the most accurate. You'll be designing entire websites, blogs, landing pages, email campaigns, ads, you know . . . marketing stuff!

We're looking for a goosebumps-inducingly brilliant, CRO-focused designer to join our marketing team and spruce up Edgar's looks across the board.

(We already have a front-end developer to breathe sweet life into your designs, so we're looking for someone who excels in the design side more than the coding bits and bobs. But hey, knowing what works and doesn't work code-wise is still important.)

The main thing you'll be working on is our marketing website, - that also means landing pages, pricing pages, our blog, Edgar's various online dating profiles, and anything else you can think of! (Wow, you're so imaginative!) 

Ideally, you'll have extensive experience designing this sort of thing in a team setting - like the noble timber wolf prowling the Yukon Territory, you feel right at home in a close-knit pack. Minus the howling.

The types of projects you'll work on include:

- Downloadable content PDFs, like cheatsheets and reports
- Landing pages
- More complex websites, like educational centers with lots of content to organize
- Email campaigns
- Opt-in boxes
- Graphics for display ads
- Infographics
- Stickers, t-shirts, and other swagtastic swag
- Job listings like this one (no offense to whoever made those swirly blue bits at the top)

Just as Michelangelo saw a statue inside every block of marble, you excel at taking an abstract idea and communicating it visually. (Not that plain marble cubes aren't nice and all.) How do we convey how Edgar increases web traffic? How do we communicate the time we save in a single glance? How do we take a heaping mound of data and make it as easy to grasp as a cold potato, and as beautiful to behold as a giant bowl of ice cream? Questions like these are catnip to a curious and inquisitive mind like yours. Unless you're a cat already, in which case, you probably just prefer real catnip to the metaphorical kind.

You'll own our visual brand, which means proactively looking for opportunities to improve both the look and the effectiveness of our marketing materials. Ever dreamed of helping to define the aesthetic of an entire company? Like the subject of the smash 1980 Hall & Oates single, this job will make your dreams come true.

Of course, being an amazing designer isn't just a matter of making things extra pretty. (After all, you're not the stylist in a movie makeover montage.) You're able to understand and identify with our users, so you can help us create the best possible experience for them as they interact with our business. That means seeing what they see and following their steps as they visit our blog, read our resources, study up on our product, sign up for our service, and interact with Edgar on a regular basis. Everything from filling out our contact form to opting in for our newsletter will blow minds and send shivers down spines - because you designed it that way. 

About Your Team

You'll be on our marketing team - right now, that's our head of marketing (slash project manager), two copywriters/content creators, a web developer, and a part-time assistant. We're an extremely marketing-focused company, and we put a lot of resources into making our brand stand out in our industry. All we're missing is someone like you who can give us a suitably distinctive look!